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We’re your local home, condominium and apartment moving company in South Florida. We offer a full range of moving services, customized to fit your needs. Whether you have a few large items or lots of little items, a big place or a small place, we’re the miami moving company you can trust.

We appreciate the value, both actual and sentimental, of your treasured belongings. As such, we handle each item with the same care and concern that has become this company’s hallmark. We never add hidden fees to our services. Our contracts are very straightforward from start to finish. All staff members go through our moving training program and abide by our code of ethics. You will find your moving crew to be extremely professional and courteous at all times to offer a great service.

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As you prepare for your move, many questions will arise concerning how to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. To minimize your stress, we have compiled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. For more specific questions concerning your particular move, ask an OMS customer service representative by calling us at 305.690.0221 or by emailing us at

Generally, any lightweight items such as clothing, bedding, linens, may be left in dressers and trunks as these items will be shrink-wrapped anyway to hold the drawers in place. Hanging items in armoires and all desk items must be removed and packed in boxes.

All items vary in weight. Pack heavier items in the smallest book-sized boxes, and lighter items in medium to large-sized boxes. There is a common saying in the moving industry: “If the box is heavy for you, it is heavy for us.” Do not pack books, records, or magazines in medium, or large-sized boxes.

Be sure to carry on your possession any items that you will need immediate access to once you get to your new home. Items such as cell phones, wallets, important phone numbers, keys, etc. will be difficult to locate if packed into boxes and loaded onto the truck. Valuable items should also be taken by you to your new location.

There are several items which are considered hazardous and may not be loaded on the truck, such as gas cans, paint, aerosol cans, batteries, perishables, ammunition, cleaning supplies, and detergents. Pets may not be loaded onto the truck.

For local moves your charges are based on an agreed upon hourly rate for the number of movers provided, truck fee, and standard charges for additional moving supplies (if needed). At the time of your visual estimate, your OMS customer service representative will explain to you the hourly rate and how many movers you will need, estimated cost of supplies, and any other additional services you may require, such as packing, crating, uncrating, etc. Oscar’s Moving & Storage also sells packing supplies to make your moving easier.

To receive an estimate either call Oscar’s Moving & Storage at 305.690.0221 or simply fill out the on-line form and a residential moving specialist will contact you to set up an appointment.

Moving estimates are based upon information provided by the customer. Since the estimates are based on the moving time, any additional items, or forgotten areas of the home, will affect the cost. Also, misinformation about the access of your new home could affect the price, as well as items that may need to be hoisted. Circumstances beyond our control, such as traffic or poor weather must be taken into consideration, as well.

Oscar’s Moving and Storage Miami has no additional charges for flights of stairs, long-carries, or elevators. All charges are strictly by the agreed upon hourly rate. If the truck cannot park close to the house, or cannot fit into an underground parking structure, additional hours will be needed; but no extra costs added to your bill.

Most moves require payment upon delivery by either cash, certified check, or money order. Credit card payment options are available as well. Discuss these options with your OMS customer service representative to select the one that works best for you. In the event that your employer is paying for your move, the employer may pre-arrange to be billed by invoice. Whatever payment option best meets your needs, be sure that all of the arrangements are made before your belongings are packed and loaded.

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